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This web site contains photographs of the bulbs in my collection which have flowered while in my care. (They are not all still alive!)

I do not sell bulbs, but these images may be useful for comparative purposes.  I hope the names  are accurate, but would welcome corrections.

(Updated August 2011, minor updates July 2018)

Most of my bulbs are seed grown, though some were purchased, swapped or gifted by friends.
The collection has been building for 20 years and now occupies all the available space in my small suburban garden.

All bulbs growing under glass are in deep square plastic pots and stand on a sand base.  The greenhouse has additional white light from 8am to 6pm from Autumn to Spring.  There is minimal heat in the greenhouse, keeping it just frost free, and fans circulate the air.

In the bulb frames the glass is left off until growth is advanced, unless sustained frost is forecast.
The roof glass is replaced when flowering is imminent.

This year I am starting to recycle my well drained gritty compost, having acquired a purpose made soil steriliser.  Added to the cooled sterilised soil is 10% fresh high-humus compost, and Vitax Q4 (in powder form.)

Watering is carried out approximately fortnightly during the growing season, with further dilute feeds of either tomato fertiliser or seaweed compound occasionally.

In 2011 I lost a number of species, mainly, I think, due to the adverse winter and spring weather in 2010/11.


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This site has been created for non-commercial use only and is purely an extension of my hobby and a reference for anyone who is interested.