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Ephemeral seed exchanges

Ephemeral seeds available 20-22 November 2018

To SABG members:

I have received a very generous donation of seeds of some of the smaller amaryllids. These will want sowing immediately on the surface of the growing medium – some have germinated already. Do not cover, but press lightly into the sand / soil, so the seeds are still visible, and do not let them dry out. Seedlings should germinate within a month.

I have only very small numbers of some of these, so please email me (Jon Evans) immediately telling me what you would like – I will attempt to share the packets out between those who request them within the next 48 hours. [Now expired!] If demand is high, it may come down to one packet each, and first come first served.

There are seeds of the following:

  • Hessea matthewsii
  • Hessea pusilla
  • Strumaria chaplinii
  • Strumaria picta
  • Strumaria salteri
  • Strumaria tenella subsp. tenella
  • Strumaria truncata
  • Strumaria watermeyeri subsp. watermeyeri

Please note that whilst I have sent this email to the entire membership, I am going to propose, in the Newsletter, that members contact me to be included on an Ephemeral seed mailing list, so that this doesn’t overburden those members who are not interested.

Best wishes

Jon Evans

[Copyright © 2022 by the Southern African Bulb Group and Richard White.]

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