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Brief notes from “Grow Clivias” by Graham D. Duncan, Kirstenbosch Gardening Series, 1999 (3rd ed. reprinted 2002)

Four species:

  • Clivia caulescens (develops an aerial stem)
  • Clivia gardenii
  • Clivia miniata (large trumpet-shaped flowers)
    • var. miniata (orange and red forms)
    • var. citrina (cream and yellow forms)
  • Clivia nobilis

Many inter- and intra-specific hybrids, including:

  • x cyrtanthiflora (C. nobilis x miniata)
  • x kewensis ‘Bodnant Yellow’ (C. miniata var. citrina x salmon-flowered C. miniata)

All have pendulous tubular flowers except the trumpet-shaped C. miniata.

Evergreen, vertical rhizome and perennial fleshy roots.


Grow well in large containers with good drainage, good aeration and high humus. Water-logging must be avoided. Regular watering while growing in summer, less water in winter. Regular feeding is needed, can be applied to roots and leaves.

C. miniata will grow in rooms in dry air and shade, but will not flower.

Frost-tender. Outdoors: dappled shade (ideally a couple of hours of morning sun, then shade the rest of the day to avoid scorching). Resent root disturbance.

Propagate by seed and division (in early summer immediately after flowering period). Pollination may be required. Harvest the seed when the ripe berries have turned red or yellow

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