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 +====== Original announcement on "The African Garden"​ web site ======
 +//This original announcement about the formation of the Group appeared in 
 +[[http://​|The African Garden]] ​
 +and is included for historical reasons. ​
 +The details of members'​ roles have since changed. ​
 +The contribution of all those mentioned, including the late Margaret Corina, is especially appreciated.//​
 +===== Southern African Bulb group =====
 +==== About this group ====
 +For a number of years, various people have said that there is a need for a UK organisation devoted to the study of southern African bulbs. ​
 +Eventually a plan was concocted between Stefan Rau and Terry Smale and initial steps taken. ​
 +A number of growers within relatively easy reach of Epsom were invited to a meeting in the garden of Terry and Jennifer Smale on 4th April 2004. 
 +At this meeting, the twenty-two people present decided to set up an informal organisation under the above name for the study of such bulbs. ​
 +Directions will need to be provided and the organisers of the group were agreed as:
 +Robin Attrill -- Newsletter Editor / Secretary \\
 +Margaret Corina -- Treasurer \\
 +Terry Smale \\
 +Stefan Rau
 +The principal objective of the Group is to enable the exchange of information between its members on all aspects of Southern African bulbs. ​
 +The term "​bulb"​ is being used in a general sense to cover corms and tubers as well as true bulbs. ​
 +Most bulbs of interest will hail from South Africa, ​
 +but plants do not recognise political boundaries and related plants from neighbouring states are also within the Group'​s field of interest. ​
 +There are many South African gardeners and botanists who have an excellent knowledge of their own bulbous flora, ​
 +but outside that country, the knowledge base is sparse. ​
 +Various growers in the UK have been developing methods for the cultivation of these bulbs, ​
 +but frequently in isolation from each other.
 +It is envisaged that there will be two main activities of the Group. ​
 +First, occasional meetings in members'​ gardens so that members can see what is being cultivated there and also bring their own plants for display. ​
 +This will provide opportunities for face-to-face exchange of information and also for exchange or sale of plant material. ​
 +These were obvious features of the inaugural Epsom meeting and there are presently three other offers of venues for further meetings. ​
 +Second, there will be mechanisms set up for the exchange of information by such means as the production of an occasional newsletter or perhaps in due course by means of a web-based news group. ​
 +Initially, notes on plants and cultivation will be solicited by Robin Attrill, ​
 +who will compile them and distribute either by e-mail or the ordinary post as required. ​
 +Obviously the use of electronic communication will keep costs to a minimum.
 +A bank account has been established by the Group'​s treasurer, Margaret Corina, ​
 +and the initial joining fee of 5 pounds sterling will be stretched to cover as much of the administration as possible. ​
 +Further subscriptions will be requested as needed. ​
 +In this, the Group is modelled on the Crocus Group which historically has needed only very occasional further subscriptions.
 +The Group has made initial contacts with a number of potential members ​
 +but there will obviously be many other southern African bulb growers that the organisers are not aware of. 
 +So please make any interested friends aware of this new organisation.

[Copyright © 2020 by the Southern African Bulb Group and Richard White.]

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