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 +====== Calendar ======
 +This public Google Calendar shows SABG meetings and related information ​
 +which you can browse through and perhaps add to your own calendar.  ​
 +<div style="​width:​764px;​ margin-top:​5px; ​
 +     ​margin:​0 auto;
 +     ​position:​relative;​
 +     ​display:​block;​
 +     ​display:​-moz-inline-box;​
 +     ​-moz-box-orient:​ vertical;
 +     ​vertical-align:​top;​
 +     ​zoom:​1;​
 +     ​*display:​inline">​
 +<table cellpadding=3 bgcolor="#​ddddff"​ style="​border:​2px solid gray;​background-color:#​e0e7ff">​
 +<​tr><​td align="​center"​ style="​text-align:​center">​
 +<​h3>&​cir;<​br>​Southern African Bulb Group Calendar</​h3>​
 +<img alt="​Autumn 2014 display table" src="/​photos/​IMGP8677-1072x712.JPG"​ width=750 align=center>​
 +The display table at our Autumn meeting on 12 October 2014, 
 +showing a variety of species of <​i>​Nerine</​i>,​ <​i>​Lachenalia</​i>, ​
 +<​i>​Massonia</​i>,​ <​i>​Empodium</​i>​ and other genera.
 +[Click <a href="/​photos/​IMGP8677.JPG">​here</​a>​ for a larger version,
 +which might let you read the labels, ​
 +especially if you click again to enlarge the resulting image further]
 +</​td></​tr><​tr><​td align="​center"​ style="​text-align:​center">​
 +src="​https://​​calendar/​embed?​title=SABG&​amp;​showTabs=0&​amp;​height=400&​amp;​wkst=2&​amp;​bgcolor=%23ccccff&​amp;​​amp;​color=%2388880E&​amp;​​amp;​color=%237A367A&​amp;​ctz=Europe%2FLondon" ​
 +width="​750"​ height="​400"​ frameborder="​0"​ scrolling="​no">​
 +<​small>​[Click on the triangles to move to March/April or October, ​
 +when one of our meetings and perhaps other events should appear; ​
 +if you click on one you can see a map, get directions, copy the event to your own calendar, etc., 
 +courtesy of Google.  ​
 +  * If you have your own Google or Gmail account, you can add our public calendar (''​SABG''​) to your own private Google Calendar, so that all the SABG events will appear on your Android smartphone or tablet, ​
 +  * You can print this out, cut round the solid line, glue it to a piece of cardboard, and hang it on your wall,   
 +  * Or you can just bookmark this page.   

[Copyright © 2020 by the Southern African Bulb Group and Richard White.]

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