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These books, pamphlets and journal articles, including both links to external web sites with downloadable publications and copies already downloaded to the SABG website, are provided in case they are of interest to members. Inclusion of this material does not imply endorsement or recommendation by the SABG. The SABG does not own them, cannot check their contents, and takes no responsibility for their use or accuracy. Please let us know if you have any comments about their usefulness or suggestions for additional publications to include in this list.

Digital library

Many books and journal articles are openly available for viewing online. The following may be of interest to SABG members. The ability to download copies does not necessarily mean that there is no copyright applicable – you should check carefully before doing anything other than reading them yourself. The RHS AGM trials booklets, for example, are RHS copyright.

Books and journals


Horticultural guides

Flora of geographical regions

  • Photographic guide to the wild flowers of the Limpopo Province by Sylvie Kremer-Köhne, Strelitzia 44, 2021
  • Field Guide to the Flora of Grootbos Nature Reserve and the Walker Bay region by Sean Privett and Heiner Lutzeyer (2010) includes about 40 well illustrated pages of bulbous monocot species (Walker Bay is west of Cape Agulhas).
  • Previously we listed a link to an online copy of Aloes and Lilies of Ethiopia and Eritrea, which is no longer available, saying “If you were interested in the mountain flora of Ethiopia after Jonathan Hutchinson’s talk at the SABG Spring 2016 meeting (or at Bob Potter’s talk to the Southampton branch of the BCSS in June 2018), have a look at a 358-page book which is available on-line as a 6.5-megabyte PDF file which you can download. Various bulbs, especially Scadoxus, are mentioned in the introduction to the mountain areas on page 22 onwards. Species of various bulbous families are described later in the book.


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