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  • The latest seed list from Bert Zaalberg at has just arrived. Contact Bert directly if you want to order anything or join his email list. [8 September 2020]
  • Have a look at Audrey Cain's BulbWeb, now hosted by the SABG, which contains over 1,400 photographs of plants in 175 genera (not all of them South African). [6 September 2020]
  • The annual Bulb & Seed Exchange for 2020 has been completed. Bulbs and seeds have been posted out by its coordinator, Jon Evans. [5 September 2020]
  • The annual Bulb & Seed Exchange for 2020 has been announced by its coordinator, Jon Evans. Details have been emailed to members, and can also be read on our Bulb & Seed Exchange page. [Jon Evans, 7 June 2020]
  • An episode of the BBC Gardeners’ World TV series with a portion devoted to wild Gladiolus with Rod & Rachel Saunders, filmed in the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa just before their deaths, has been shown on BBC television in the UK, and is available for streaming from BBC iPlayer (, until April, but unfortunately only for viewers in the UK with a BBC account (free to UK TV licence holders), as far as I know. [7 May 2020]
  • I have moved some pictures and information about our late former Chairman Bill Squire to a separate page [1 April 2019]
  • “Ephemeral” seeds (which germinate immediately) were available to members for two days only. For the list of species available, see Ephemeral seeds available 20-22 November 2018 [Jon Evans, 20 November 2018]
  • In the latest October 2018 Silverhill Seeds newsletter (, Ondine Schrick (who had worked for Rod and Rachel Saunders for over twenty years and is now the owner of the business) writes “We hope Rod and Rachel are in a gentler place now – perhaps at the top of a mountain gazing down over unfolding hills and valleys, tranquil. Work done, dreams and adventures fulfilled. The world a richer place for their time spent here.” There are many other tributes in the Scottish Rock Garden Club forum ( [7 November 2018]
  • The cremation service for our former Chairman Bill Squire was scheduled to place in Bangkok yesterday [7 November 2018]
  • A display of a small selection of Bill Squire's plants was presented by Leo Squire and Tony Bennett at the meeting of the Dorset Group of the Alpine Garden Society, of which Bill had been Chairman, on the 1st November, 2018. A small but appropriate tribute to a wonderful man. [2 November 2018]
  • Sadly I have to report the death of Bill Squire, our long-serving former Chairman, on Friday 26th October 2018. Not long after starting a “new life” with his partner in Thailand, he succumbed to a short but fatal illness. He was also well known as the former Chairman of the Dorset Group of the Alpine Garden Society, and the curator of the National Collection of Lachenalia. I am sure everyone will join with me in expressing our condolences to his family. [29 October 2018]
  • I have just added The South African Species of Dipcadi by A. A. Obermeyer (1964) to our Links to other web sites [29 October 2018]
  • For many years Audrey Cain maintained a large collection of photographs of bulbs, many of them South African, which could be viewed on her web-site, called “BulbWeb”. This has not been available for a while, but I am pleased to be able to report that, with help from Audrey and her son Doug, I have been able to reinstate the photos (about 1,500 in about 190 genera) and some of Audrey’s comments about them. The comments are mostly about flowering dates in cultivation, and require some more work to sort them out properly. However, rather than keep them hidden until this is done, I have made a provisional version of BulbWeb available on the SABG web site. Any comments will be welcomed by Audrey and me. [10 October 2018]
  • There is a special issue of the Pacific Bulb Society’s journal “The Bulb Garden” dedicated to the lives of Rod and Rachel Saunders. [Aiko Talens, 3 October 2018]
  • I’ve just found and added Field Guide to the Flora of Grootbos Nature Reserve and the Walker Bay region by Sean Privett and Heiner Lutzeyer (2010) to our Links to other web sites [1 October 2018]

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